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by Helena Westerman

1503 - Anacaona, Chieftain to the Taino people is hung in the square by Nicolás de Ovando

1570, Grace O’Malley, an Irish Pirate, controls the west seas of Ireland by land and ship

1858, Lakshmibai, Rani of Jhani, leads rebel armies against the English, with her son strapped to her back

2018, three school girls in South London face their final year at school.

Lakshana, Shanay and Jess have been best friends for years, but as their home lives become tense, mental health deteriorates and their future looms, their friendship is tested. The year progresses and tales of women gone before them become relevant, rousing and frightening, warping their present and electrifying their futures.

Using animation to blend past with present Helena Westerman’s second play, Galvanise celebrates female history and unbreakable friendships.

Galvanise runs from the 27th February to 3rd March at VAULT Festival 2019. Tickets are available here.

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Galvanise is presented in support for Women for Women International, a charity supporting women affected by war and conflict to rebuild their lives.


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Written by Helena Westerman       
Directed by Caroline Simonsen     Produced by Rascal Theatre
Animation by Diana Garcia
Sound Design by Christina Orchard